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In Loving Memory
My pop, my first best guy, my strength, the best cook of holiday meals, the best cheeseburger maker and the guy I called whenever I needed advice or just to hear his voice, passed away unexpectedly and peacefully while taking a na​p on June 21, 2021.
He was my hometown, the provider of a lap while sledding in the snow, my ride to and from the skating rink and my champion flipper at the local pool. He was THE BEST guitar player anyone would have been lucky enough to hear. I was his "baby Chrissy" and his "Chrisanna Banana."
I was not his only terrific and wonderful kid however, I kid (another trait I got from my dad). Dad had a total of 5 of us. Tish is the oldest, then me, Patrick, Matthew and Sabrina is the baby. All of us individually enjoyed our unique relationship with Dad and he in-turn cherished his time with each of us, but mostly he loved it when we were all together.
My Dad and I shared a love for anything weather. The snowier, the rainier, the colder the better. My Dad knew how much I loved tradition and as such he would get up before the sun just to take pictures of the snow falling for me. We called each other every Sunday, even if it was to catch up on the upcoming weeks events. I never did keep a voicemail on my cell, maybe because every time he called, I would answer. I always wanted to talk to him. Every birthday and holiday we would try to out do each each other by seeing who would call first. After my Grammy died in 2010, I always made him "hang up first" since I wanted to be the last to hear his voice.
One of the things that he used to say was how he wished that one of his children would have enjoyed the "music biz". He did a fantastic job of teaching us how to listen to the music and how to tell a "good" band from a "bad" one. He would say, "Can they play their iinstruments? How do they sound acoustically?" He told us that all genres of music brought something to the music and that it was important to appreciate all of it, 
not just parts of it.
When my dad passed, I wanted to do something that showed how much I loved him, how much I appreciated him and how honored I was that The Lord chose him to be my dad. I wanted his memory to stay relevant and fresh but more importantly I wanted something to pass down to future generations that will keep his passion, his heart and his love for music alive. That is how this scholarship was born and I thank 
you so much for being a part of this journey.
 Chrisanna Webber-Eran

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